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Iron Supplements PCD Company – Are you searching for the Iron Supplements PCD Company? You will get an excellent result here!

Everyone knows the importance of iron supplements in daily routine. Iron is a necessity of life. Well, it is a body mineral that plays a crucial role to formulate the red blood cells that carry oxygen. Sometimes we cannot get enough iron from food so it is essential to take the IRON SUPPLEMENTS. Approximately 70% of people are taking iron supplements. The demand for this is booming as time passes. This also increases the need for IRON SUPPLEMENTS PHARMA COMPANIES to provide quality products.

Pharma Franchise for Iron Supplement

Even iron supplements are also prescribed to children to meet their iron demands. Because its deficiency causes multiple diseases such as Anemia, kidney-related issues, etc. Most importantly, it is commonly recommended to the women who are pregnant to prevent anemia.  Well, if you want to get the best range of iron supplements that has supreme quality, Gladfem is the only solution. Gladfem is a leading and reputed healthcare organization that provides excellent quality of Iron Supplements. In addition, if you are interested or planning to start a pharma company, you can involve in the Iron Supplement field. The high and increasing demand for the Iron Products will get you a big exposure. 

Well, you can contact us at +91 9815620908 for the Iron Supplements PCD Company and also send your quires at We are giving 24/7 customer support. Feel free to contact us.

Pharma Franchise for Iron Supplements

The pharma franchise business is very popular in the pharmaceutical industry.  With several benefits, this business fascinates people to get the PCD Company. Moreover, if Pharma Franchise is taken in some specific segment then it gives the high profits to associates. Likewise, PCD Pharma Franchise for Iron Supplements surprising the businessmen by providing huge sales. Here are some key features of Iron Supplements PCD Company that make your vision more clear.

  • The demand for Iron Supplements gives the chance to get a high profit along with the business enhancement.
  • Well, this business needs less investment.
  • There is no need to doing any efforts for the manufacturing of products, as you will get all the products from your Iron Supplements Pharma Franchise Company.
  • Good way to utilize the time on the marketing strategies.
  • You will get all support and the strategies from your pharma company.

So, this is a good chance to get the best deals. Gladfem is a famous Pharma company that giving the opportunities to own your Pharma Franchise for Iron Supplements.

How much iron level our body needs?

Here is the iron allowance that our body demands per day. The high dose of iron is also toxic.

Category Recommended Iron Allowance (RIA)


14-18 years 15 mg/day
19-50 years 18 mg/day
51 years and over 8 mg/day
Pregnant 27 mg/day
Breastfeeding Under 19 years: 10 mg/day

 19 years and over: 9 mg/day


14-18 years 11 mg/day
19 years and up 8 mg/day


7-12 months 11 mg/day
1-3 years 7 mg/day
4-8 years 10 mg/day
9-13 years 8 mg/day

Why choose Gladfem for the Nutrition Product PCD Company?

Gladfem is a part of Zoic Groups which is an award-winning company in India. For women healthcare, Gladfem comes forward to provide quality services at economical rates so that everyone can afford it. The company’s aim is to improve female healthcare with the best products. Apart from this, Gladfem is a leading name for the Iron Supplements Manufacturers in India. The quality and amazing formulating services help to satisfy the patients.

• Gladfem is a demanding Iron Supplements PCD Company. The company has high standards of manufacturing.

• With the variety of Iron Supplements, Gladfem becomes the first preference for the deals and the customers.

• Accurate composition, long shelf life, and the best rates are the full packagings to get the PCD Franchise for Iron Supplements.

• We are connected with a long chain of clients across PAN India.

• Moreover, the company is having the ISO certification and provides GMO and DCGI approved medicines.

Contact us for the best quality Nutrition Product PCD FRANCHISE IN INDIA.

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